Monday, March 19, 2018

Morning Coffee

I have a Going Green program at the Library at the end of the month. We will be decorating grapevine wreaths with wool flowers. I have been organizing the wool items I have and getting the ones that aren't ready for use prepped. 

What do I mean by Prepping Wool? 

Well I hunt thrift stores for wool clothes and then run them through a hot washer and dryer to shrink them. They can then be cut without fraying. 

After this you have to disassemble the garment and that is what I have been doing to some I had washed already.

So far I have several shades of green for leaves. Red, white, 2 shades of yellow and 3 shades of blue. 

I have a lot of light blue so am going to try and dye it magenta and purple. To dye the wool I use kool-aid.
Yep! you read that right the powdered drink. Unsweetened. Just add it to boiling water and it will dye about 2 square feet of fabric. Nice huh. 

So what I do is start with a large pot fill it with water and get it boiling, add the kool-aid, wet the piece of wool and carefully lower it into the water. Watch it for a few minutes, you can see the fabric changing color and the water getting clear. Fun!

Now all this fabric will be used to make flowers like on the wreath below.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Morning Coffee ~ OMG! Tax Time


I totally don't have anything planned for today. :( 

I am excited about daylight savings! Woot Woot!   Spring time won't be too far away.

I spent the weekend cleaning, organizing and working on taxes.

I found some very helpful sites for taxes for craft business and that is what helped me get through the schedule c and schedule se.  The first one was Craftybase which is an online inventory system for craft based businesses. I am seriously thinking of signing up with them. Just not sure as my inventory is so fluid, I don't have one design that I make multiples of, I have dozens of card designs and prints and they are all different and when I sell one I make a replacement but it is usually different as well.

Maybe I should steam line with a few set designs that I make multiples of and then have a few different specialty items.

I usually try to have a wide variety of styles to appeal to a larger audience. I have noticed that since I limited the items that I had to all book up-cycle items that I had more sales.

But I also introduced the dictionary page quotes and they were a hit. And with those I had probably 100 different quotes.

When you are looking for items at a craft fair are you looking for a vendor who has a set style that you know that if you don't pick it up at this sale that there will be several still available at the next sale? Or do you like a booth were you see a product you like but have a wide variety of choices?  Throw me a comment I would love your opinion.

Back to taxes the second site that I found helpful was The Balance. This site doesn't just cover business taxes but is a wealth of information on finance. They cover personal finance, money hacks, small business, career and investing.

You should totally check them out.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What's On the Shelf!

Hot Dudes Reading


I am changing things up a bit. I am not going to be doing What I'm reading now, instead I am going to be posting What's On the Shelf! 


When I do the what I'm reading now I just posted about one book, but I don't just read one book at a time. I usually have an audio book going in the car, a fiction that I read on break at work and a nonfiction that I read at home. Sometimes I also like to throw in a bit of humor. 

So with What's On the Shelf! I will be showing all of the items that I have for the month. If I get through them early I might do a second posting during the month.

Sound like fun?

As you can see from the photo above I have been listening to the Originals, studying the Miracle Morning and checking out some eye candy with Hot Dudes Reading. I also am on the second book of the Sean Wyatt series The Clerics Vault, the book cover is not on the shelf as it is an Ebook on my phone.

Here are the back covers so you can get a description.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Free Printable
Free Printable

Hello All!

I have a free printable for you. 

Just click on the image above and it will open a 
PDF file that you can print or download.



Monday, March 5, 2018

Morning Coffee ~ What is a Blog

A Blog -- is it a Journal with pictures? 
      Or a Scrapbook with words?

I started "blogging" long ago 1999 ish. 

MSN had communities where you could post and people could join your group and respond to your posts. You also had the ability to create custom pages with html. So you could make it as pretty or utilitarian as you wanted.

I participated in a couple of communities that a friend ran and had a couple dedicated to history resources of my own. In a way these were blogs with a narrow theme. 

I had:

 Inglewyck An Anglo Saxon community that discussed English history form 400 to 1100.

Egyptomania which touched on our fascination of all things Ancient Egyptian.

Celia had:

Things Medieval in the Modern World where we discussed art, architecture, books, movies, and fashion that were inspired by the Middle Ages.

But MSN discontinued these in the mid 2000's and I stopped having an online presence for a bit. 

In 2010 I got into Stampin' Up and started Iantha's Ink to post about the cards that I was creating. I also posted about other crafts that I did and the craft fairs that I participated in. 

Today I still get crafty and post about them and the craft fairs. If you check back to the fall you will see several post on craft fairs and the work I was doing. I get more crafty in the  fall as that is the peak season for fairs. 

I have also repurposed the name Inglewyck and post on that blog about my felt crafts. I don't get over there as often since they have taken a backseat to my Inky crafts.

Am I rambling,
       Sorry : (

So back to what is a blog?  I think it is a bit of both, I am using mine now as more of a journal since as I said before that blank pages kind of make my mind go blank. But with the blog, kind of like a scrapbook I can start with a picture and the let the thoughts flow from there.

How do you blog?

    Is it a journal?
    Or a scrapbook?

Leave a reply in the comments I would love to here your point of view.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Morning Coffee

Wow! it is hard to believe that February is almost over. 

How was your month? Did you accomplish all that you set out to do?

I sure didn't. But is was a Fun Month.

  • Game Night at Jenny's
  • Road Trip to Kansas City
  • Scrapbooking at Rita's

I actually got some pictures put in an album! 

From vacation 2010 and Christmas 2010. 

Took over way more than I was able to get done, that is always the way, I have so much that I would like to get accomplished that I try to have it all there just in case. 

We had a great time between eating and talking and eating some more we did a little scrapbooking. LOL!

Well I have to get going. Talk to you again soon.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Morning Coffee


It is time to sit and sip and chat a bit.

How was your weekend? 

Since the road trip to Kansas City and seeing the historic houses there I did a bit of reminiscing about a favorite historic house from my past. I did an internship at the Ewing Museum. It was a lovely old home made of  pale yellow stone. At the time I often dreamed of  living in that house and what life may have been like for those who lived there in the past.

Another Time

The yellow stone wall glistens brightly in the sun.
The blank black windows stare out emptily.
The massive oak doors swing open on their rusty hinges.

As you step into the coach yard,
You can almost hear the clop, clopping of horses hooves,
 the rattling of carriage wheels and the brilliant laughter of a young girl.

There is silence.

Peering into the windows you try to see the flickering
 glimmer of a candle lighting the pages of a much loved book, 
or to see the glowing warmth of a fall fire as children gather around for cocoa.

There is nothing.

For the lovely house is no longer a home.
It no longer hears the joyous laughter, or soft cry. 
It possesses a hollow emptiness that only a living presence can fill.

No one is there.