Comic Con Saturday


Pictures from the Steampunk 101 panel

Firefly crew


Robo Cop

Boba Fett

Adam West and Burt Ward Panel

This was the zombie makeup panel, we did not stay the whole time as are seats were so far back we couldn't see. I had my camera on max zoom to get these pics and could see what was being done through the camera but no one else in my group could see.


Jack Sparrow and Zombie

Steampunk Vader and Friend

Costume Contest. I didn't get as many good pictures as I would have liked. The contestants were only on stage at most 30 seconds. They walked on paused in the middle of the stage and turned so the judges could see them and then walked off. Some didn't even   go to the middle but just to the judges. And the guy in front of me kept moving his head, so I would often have a shot lined up and he would block it. : (

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